Monday, February 24, 2014

Trippin' In The Tide Pools - The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve near Half Moon Bay

Wear Shoes With Good Treads - Not Like These!
If you explore the tide pools at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, be sure you wear sturdy shoes with good treads! My daughter and I were in the midst of pointing out various sea anemones when suddenly she slipped and came down hard on her hands. Luckily, she didn't break anything, but the meaty area of her hand - below the thumb - swelled up fast and hurt so badly she actually got dizzy. Poor thing! I'd told her that morning to put on her good tennis shoes, but she left wearing her Converses and I didn't make her change. Bad Mom!

We went back to the car, iced her hand, drank water, ate lunch and after a bit she was ready to explore again. This time we stayed more on the sand and less on the rocks but she still managed to slip (not fall) three more times! Something to do with moving too fast plus slippery shoes . .

Slow Down Little Imp!

Anyway, back to the tide pools. . The Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is located in Moss Beach, ten miles north of Half Moon Bay and about 40 minutes south of San Francisco. It is definitely worth visiting during a low tide. There are a lot of tide pools to explore here and even Harbor Seals to see. This is a reserve, so if you go, please don't take or move anything in the tide pools (put things back where you found them) and stay 300 yards away from the seals during pup season, which is going on now.  Also stay out of any areas marked off with orange cones. But don't worry! This still leaves plenty of room to view the seals and sometimes on the weekend, rangers will have telescopes set up so you can view the seals up close. We got to view them that way, as well as through my telephoto lens.

Harbor Seals Snooze During The Day And Feed At Night

Please Don't Disturb My Nap!

If you go: Pick a day and time with a low tide, anything under 1 foot is good.
 Here are the directions; be sure to wear layered clothing, sturdy shoes (did I mention that??), and put on sun screen. Parking is free! There's a tiny visitor center (not always open) and restrooms. There's also a few picnic tables in the parking area. Have fun!

Stairs Down To The Tide Pools From The Parking Lot


Julie Paavola said...

Wow. Your photographs are beautiful, and also making me a bit homesick. I think I need a tide pooling vacation!

Karen Gough said...

Thanks Julie! Yes - come over and tide pool or hike or have coffee with us! We miss you guys!