Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Taking the Kids to Half Moon Bay

At Devil's Slide

A day during Spring Break . .

Me - "Okay guys, I looked at the tide chart and there will be a low tide tomorrow at the Fitzgerald Marine Preserve between 10:30 - 12:30AM. Do you want to go?"
Kids - "Yeah!" "Sounds great!"

The next day . .

My Daughter - "It doesn't look like low tide, Mom."
My Son - "Are there supposed to be tide pools here?"
Me - "Well, I don't know what tide table or day I looked at, but obviously it wasn't the right one! Sorry guys."

 What a difference a tide makes . .


 At least there were Harbor Seals . .

And a cool fresh water stream . .


We decided to switch our destination to Devil's Slide. I'd walked it the week before but the kids hadn't seen it yet. They were amazed that cars used to drive along this route, and without protective barriers!


We didn't stay long because this is what happens when you travel with a growing 12 year old boy . . .


I'll show you what we did the rest of the day in next week's blog. To be continued . .

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