Thursday, May 1, 2014

Part 2 - Taking the Kids to Half Moon Bay

So -  Part 1 left off with a "starving" 12 year old boy who needed his lunch, cutting short our time at Devil's Slide.  I decided to take them to Pillar Point Harbor, south on HWY 1 and just north of Half Moon Bay. We pulled into the harbor entrance and parked at the nearest restaurant - Caffe Mezzaluna, just inside and to the right of the entrance.

Relatively inexpensive, sort of . .
The mini-pizza was good, the clam chowder bowl was too small.
After lunch we explored the Harbor Village shops (see top photo - it's the gray and glass building behind the cafe). Unfortunately, this place was a ghost town with just a few stores and zero shoppers. Fortunately it had an old fashioned taffy candy store with barrels full of different flavored taffy. Unfortunately (remind you of a book anyone?) my kids have braces and can't eat taffy!

So we got back in the car and re-parked closer to the actual harbor. Standing at the pier, we enjoyed the view of moored fishing boats under an overcast sky and listened to the halyards gently ringing throughout the marina. We also had fun reading out loud some of the clever names owners had given their boats, which, unfortunately, I can't recall now.

Moored Fishing Boats and Pleasure Craft

Just Having Fun

Before leaving the harbor we stopped by the bathrooms and saw this memorial to fishermen lost at sea. Most marinas in the US have a memorial of some sort because sadly, commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations there is.

We left the harbor and drove south to HWY 92 where I turned left, and left again, into a store parking lot. This surprised my kids - "Why are we stopping here?", but I had an even bigger surprise - a visit to the Pilarcitos Cemetary, located at the intersection of HWY 1 and HWY 92.

"Oh no. WHY do you always want to see old cemeteries?"
"Because it's interesting history!"

We never stay too long; it does get sad after a bit.

I've always wanted to explore this cemetery.
The Catholic Church established Pilarcitos Cemetery in 1820 as the burial ground of Christianized Indians who died in the coastal area between Santa Cruz and San Francisco. Sadly, the cemetary is  unkempt, with some broken down head stones and discarded liquor bottles. My daughter was so moved by the litter strewn about one grave site that she asked if we had a plastic bag so we could clean it up (we didn't, nor gloves). Still, it was picturesque and a bit of "interesting history."

We left there and continued driving up HWY 92, but I had one last place I wanted to visit - the awesome metal dinosaur sculptures at Spanish Town.

Hold on to your hat - these sculptures are awesome!

They also sell a huge amount of fountains and other sculptures.

Tired kids, tired Mom, next stop - home. Hope this gives you some ideas of what to see in Half Moon Bay! There's so much more than this. I will be back to blog again.

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