Monday, August 4, 2014

An Incredible Art Exhibit at the San Francisco Zoo!

"Washed Ashore" is located in the old Pachyderm building at the SF Zoo.

The San Francisco Zoo is hosting a temporary art exhibit called Washed Ashore, which features huge marine sculptures made from trash, washed up from the ocean. These sculptures are incredible. The kids and I would walk up to each one and say something like, Wow! Look at this one, it's beautiful! Then we'd look closer and say, Gross! realizing that we were viewing actual pieces of trash found in our oceans and on our beaches. I believe our reaction was exactly what the artist intended, amazement at the beautiful art that can be created with our positive, resourceful energy, and disgust at the pollution caused by our negative, uncreative energy.

Sea Lion Pup - note the shoe soles, pieces of rubber, leather, etc.

The art and exhibit was the brainchild of Angela Haseltine Pozzi, an experienced artist, teacher, lecturer, and consultant, who "came to the ocean to heal, but found an ocean that needed healing."
She created Washed Ashore for the purpose of "educating and creating awareness about marine debris and plastic pollution through art."

Giant Sea Jelly made from plastic bottles, etc.

Whale Rib Bones

 The Washed Ashore project has several traveling exhibits that feature art, created by community members, from thousands of pounds of trash removed from local beaches. We're lucky because Washed Ashore also added an exclusive exhibit to the SF Zoo show called, Buoy, Beat ‘n Bop, a "unique presentation of musical sculptures" made from ocean debris. The kids and I had a great time playing all the different instruments!

Make music by blowing air over or into the bottle openings.

Ringing the bells with a Tube Worm Tickler!

Styrofoam Drum Set!
 If you go: Washed Ashore will be at the SF Zoo until Sept 21, 2014, from 11AM to 4PM. The musical pieces are hands on, so encourage your kids to try them. Take time to read the signs too, they are worth it. Also, remember  what Mark Twain said about San Francisco - "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."  In other words, bring a jacket!
Don't miss Washed Ashore - you'll love it!

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