Thursday, August 28, 2014

Regarding the San Francisco Zoo . .

Baby Komodo Dragon - New Exhibit!

Many people these days are against zoos, saying they are nothing more than prisons for wild animals. They think there is no reason to keep a wild animal caged when you can view that same animal on a YouTube video or nature documentary. But I don't agree. 

I believe there is nothing that compares to seeing an animal up close and in person, especially for a child. Watching a video about an animal will not excite a child nearly as much as standing before one, watching and listening to it. My children and I visited the zoo many times over the years and I can say with certainty that their love for animals and concern about their future came from these visits. Also, the SF Zoo has worked very hard over the years, to improve the animal habitats and increase the animal's activity level. I have seen that it is paying off. I feel good knowing that my zoo membership is going toward continuous improvements and public education.

Happy to be Visiting the SF Zoo!

Now that I've gotten that lecture out of my system (!) I will blog about the wonderful San Francisco Zoo. You may have read my two previous blogs about the zoo, one called Washed Ashore -  an environmentally-conscious marine sculpture exhibit, and one about the fantastic new playground at the zoo. Now I'd like to share some of my photos that show the main reason for going to the zoo - to see the animals.

A New Baby Western Lowland Gorilla!

She-Grizzly Hunting for Live Fish.

Get Up Close to the Hamerkop in the African Aviary

The Koala Bear is Actually Awake!

Dinosaurs! Hidden in Plain Sight near Eagle Island.

Take a Ride on the Beautiful Dentzel Carousel.

Examining Leaf Insects at the Fascinating Insect Zoo

During the Summer You Can Walk the Nature Trail and Touch Creatures Like This Ball Python.

If you go: Be sure to pack a jacket and wear good walking shoes. The zoo is large and often cold (it IS San Francisco after-all). Pack a lunch and snacks to save money, bring water too as drinking fountains can be hard to find. Directions

Don't forget to visit the Children's ZooI didn't include photos of it but your children, especially young ones, will love it. They can pet, groom and feed friendly goats and sheep; observe prairie dogs and meercats, birds of prey, and so much more.

Take Advantage of the Keeper Talks: you will learn a lot and have fun during these brief talks. Located in various spots throughout the zoo. Check out the calender on the day you visit.

Consider becoming a zoo member: you will get free entry, parking passes and a few ride passes. Also, you will be helping the zoo become better and better.

The Silverback Leader of the Lowland Gorillas.

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