Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lost in a Maze at Arata Farm

The Endless Maze at Arata Farm

The main attraction at Arata's Farm in Half moon Bay, CA is not the pumpkins, it's the maze. Our kids both wanted to try it but I didn't see the point in going myself - why pay $10 to get lost when I do that almost every day for free? My husband would have gone, but not for $10! Anyway, this maze is so complicated they actually have a lifeguard ready to direct people to an emergency exit.

On the right is the lifeguard, checking on the "fun."
Do you want to know the secret to getting out of a maze? My son told me. You stick out your right hand and trace the wall as you walk. If you get to a dead end, come back out but make sure you keep your right hand tracing the wall, That way you will not double back to the same place. He told my daughter this when they first entered the maze, but since she tried it on an island of hay (!) she was convinced it didn't work, and ran off. :-) . So my son got out in 20 minutes and she got lost for 45 and had to be directed to an emergency exit. But my daughter made it to the center and received a prize from the Minotaur and my son didn't. So who's to say which way was better. All I know is that I got very nervous worrying about my daughter getting nervous. And it took too much time!

Peeking through an emergency door but too chicken to go in myself.
While the kids were in the maze my husband and I explored the farm. They had some fun things to look at.

Finally the kids were done with the maze and we could look at pumpkins. They had many to choose from but none that you actually picked from the vines. So we decided to go to another farm (Bob's Pumpkin Farm) for a more authentic experience and less expensive pumpkins. But I must say that Arata's had a greater variety to choose from.

Arata's Farm is less crowded than Lemos Farm but much noisier than Bob's. But it is lots of fun, I do recommend it.

If you go:  Arata Farm is south of Half Moon Bay on HWY 1. Drive past Bob's another 1/4 mile and you'll see it on the left.

The View from HWY 1
Look For This Sign
Again, leave early in the morning because HWY 92 gets very crowded by late morning.
Have fun!

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