Friday, February 20, 2015

Turn Your Kids Loose at CuriOdyssey!

Voted "Best Museum on the Peninsula" by the Bay Area Parents Magazine, 2010 - 2013!
CuriOdyssey is a hands-on science and nature museum located at Coyote Point in San Mateo, CA. It's a great place to visit for kids of all ages, but parents of young children will really appreciate it. Why? Because for the most part, you can turn your kids loose to play with the science exhibits, then let them run around the contained nature area, viewing the rescued animals who live there.

Kids are encouraged to touch and explore.

Each exhibit has educational signs that pose questions and explanations.

Parents get a break while their kids play at the sand and water table.
CuriOdyssey is a sanctuary for more then 100 animals, who because of injury or neglect, can no longer live in the wild. Some of the animals are available for public viewing, others are "animal ambassadors" for schools and public programs. All of them are housed in environments that are as natural as possible, although I did see some man made animal toys and shelters in some of the enclosures. The animals seemed happy to me.

A Burrowing Owl

Bobcats - they had just finished wrestling.

A shy badger
I wish I could have gotten a picture of the two River Otters, but they were moving so fast that I couldn't focus in time. I also enjoyed watching a little two-year-old girl who was standing with her hands pressed up to the glass, giggling every time an otter popped up its head and looked at her.

There are insects and reptiles on display too.

A Black Widow

California King Snake
After viewing the animals, we ate lunch outside at a picnic table (my daughter, her friend and I), then bought a cookie ice cream sandwich sold at the gift store. The gift store is very good, by the way - stocked full of fun and educational products.

CuriOdyssey is located in the Coyote Point Recreation Area, which could be a day trip destination all by itself. It is a beautiful area of small green meadows, eucalyptus trees, biking and walking paths - all overlooking the San Francisco Bay. We explored the Bluff Trail a little bit before heading home.

The Coyote Point Marina

View of Foster city? Anyway, it was pretty.

Trails traverse the 149 acres of parkland

CuriOdyssey Admission:  $9 Adults
                                            $7 Seniors (62+)
                                            $7 Students (13-17)
                                            $6 Children (2-12)

Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 5pm
             Closed Monday

Location: 1651 Coyote Point Dr.
                 San Mateo, CA 94401


We visited during the week, in the afternoon, so the museum was pretty quiet. But it's a trade-off; in the morning and on weekends, there are wildlife feedings and talks, which I'm sorry we missed. There are also weekend workshops, which take place on the second and fourth Saturday of the month from October through May. Which ever day you choose to go, you'll have fun.


Kris Gray said...

Thank you for a great post. We had no idea this place existed and now it's on the adventure list!

Karen Gough said...

You're welcome! It makes me so happy to hear when someone discovers a new place because of my blog. Thank you for telling me.