Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Enjoy Stanford Shopping Center Without Spending A Dime

An Entrance To The Center - From The Arboretum Road
Stanford shopping Center is filled with luxury stores for luxury shopping. I cannot afford to shop in many of the stores there, but it is still my favorite mall. Why? Because it is so beautiful. The grounds of this outdoor mall are a destination in itself; it is a favorite for tourists and locals alike.
Let's begin with the flowers . .

Each Walkway Is Landscaped With Containers Of Beautiful Flowers
There Are Numerous Fountains
This Planter Helps Decorate One Of Many Outdoor Seating Areas
The Planter Boxes Are Well Tended - You’ll Never See A Weed!
The Flowers Are Changed Seasonally

Then there are the windows . .

If You Have To Ask, You Can’t Afford To Buy . .

"Hugs Accepted" - Does This Mean You Don’t Have To Tip?

How Do You Type A Wolf Whistle? Cause I’m Whistling . .

Then there's a peek inside the stores . .

There’s An Art To It??
It Does Look Kind Of Nostalgic And Romantic, I Must Admit
This Window Always Grabs My Attention
 These Are Not Chocolates, They Are Just Paper Figures To Get Your Attention
Now These Are Chocolates! And Outrageously Expensive, I’ve Never Bought One.
I Have Browsed But Rarely Bought, Though If Money Was No Object . .

Last but not least, there is the people and dog watching. Yes, well behaved dogs on leashes are very welcome here.

They Have A Brand-New Interactive Directory, It’s Amazing!
This Was The First Time I Had Seen A Security Guard On A Segway!
I Actually Took This Photo To Show The Mural Of The Stanford Hills
I’m Not Sure What The Artist Was Thinking, But Kids Love This Sculptured Fisherman!

Their are many upscale restaurants here, some of them affordable. I enjoyed looking at this outdoor market . .

Other than wandering open mouthed through the American Girl doll store (saved for a another blog), this was how I spent my day at the mall - admiring the flowers and enjoying the window displays. I didn't spend a cent. That doesn't mean you don't have to of course! Either way, if you are in the SF Bay Area, visit the Stanford Shopping Center. It’s worth a visit.

If you go: there is some renovation going on at the El Camino Real end of the mall, but it felt removed to me and did not interfere with my enjoyment of the mall. All the stores are open of course.
Check out the center's website for directions and a list of their stores and restaurants. BTW, in the summer the mall usually hosts free jazz concerts and around Christmas, Santa pays an extended visit.


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