Monday, March 9, 2015

The Amazing American Girl Store!

There Are 18 American Girl Stores Nationwide

Over 25 million American Girl dolls have been sold since 1986. Their phenomenal popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are not just dolls, they are also a testament to the importance of girls throughout American history and society. They represent girl children at their best - smart, resourceful, and imaginative. American Girl dolls are the anti-thesis to Barbie.

Ironically, American Girl and Barbie are both owned by Mattel; however, Mattel has stayed true to the original vision of founder, Pleasant Rowland, who created the American girl doll brand in 1986. Ms. Rowland worked as a teacher and creator of children's educational materials and was particularly interested in finding new ways of teaching history to children. In contrast to Barbie and the popular Cabbage Patch dolls of that time, Ms. Roland decided to develop something completely different: “a finely made, historically accurate doll that would teach children about history and inspire their imaginations (see link).”

A remake of one of the original American Girl dolls, Samantha, is from the Victorian year of 1904.
Currently, there are eight historical American Girl dolls, dressed in the fashion of the day, and offered with an accompanying book plus detailed accessories. There is also a Girl Of The Year doll; choose your own American Girl doll; Bitty Babies; and Bitty Twins. There is doll clothing, furniture, toys, musical instruments, books, matching children's clothes, and more. All these items are sold through a catalog or through the American Girl store - which brings me back to the original intent of this blog - to show you a bit of this amazing store.

This store is located at the Stanford Shopping Center (see my earlier blog) in Palo Alto, CA
Two Levels, 15,000 ft.²
For Some Girls, This Might Be A Stairway To Heaven!
The Bistro Is Open For Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, And Celebrations. Dolls Welcome Of Course.
The Doll Hair Salon - Hair Styling, Doll Ear Piercings, Spa Packages, And Fitted Doll Hearing Aids!
This Doll Is Being Very Patient While Her Hair Is Styled!
If You Buy The Right Equipment, You Can Pamper Your Doll At Home!
A Doll To Relate To Every Child
Dolls For Younger Children

Bitty Twins
More of Samantha With Her Astonishingly Accurate Accessories
American Girl Doll Books, They Even Have A Magazine
I Love The Luggage Lift!
If you go: obviously this store is not budget minded; in fact, everything in it is very expensive. But looking is free, and they allow you to take pictures as well. I am not going to knock the expense of these dolls ($115 for the standard size), because they are very well-made and I love the whole concept. Yes, I fell for the American Girl doll a few years ago when my daughter decided she wanted one. I told her we couldn't afford a doll that expensive - luckily Santa brought one.

Location: 660 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304 and Directions
Store hours: they really vary! Check out their website or call 877-247-5223.

 Even if you don't buy anything, you can still enjoy the charm of these dolls and their world - our girl's world!

La Patisserie belonging to Grace's Aunt and Uncle in Paris

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