Monday, April 6, 2015

Enjoying A Cat Show

I Always Assumed Persians Were Grumpy, But Actually They Are Very Sweet

Recently, my daughter and I decided to try something different and go to a cat show. It was held at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and was called the Tails And No Tails Cat Show. Admission was cheap, $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for children and $6.00 for seniors.

The cat show was confined to one large building. There were vendors, rows and rows of cats in cages, and I believe, three judging rings. The rings were actually a table (judge standing behind, cat on table), backed by a semi-circle of waiting cats in cages, and a few rows of chairs for the audience. In other words, it was very casual.

Face-To-Face And Nose To Nose

The Cats Were Not Bothered By The Audience, And In Fact, Were Eager To Play.

Here’s A Black Beauty
I was surprised at how quickly the judging went. The cat is lifted onto the table, the judge does an  examination, including getting the cat to stretch (attracted by a toy), and that seems to be it.
After all the cats in the semi circle are judged, ribbons are attached to their cages. The owners then retrieve their cats and bring them back to their personal carrier at an assigned spot on a table.

 Maine Coon And Proud Owner
We enjoyed walking around, looking at the various cats. Many of the cage doors were open so the cats could come out within a limited space. You must ask the owner first, but many of them are happy to let you pet their cat. There are also a couple of ambassador cats where petting is definitely encouraged. I only saw one nervous cat, all the others seemed to enjoy the attention.

My Daughter Enjoyed Petting The Cats Best
Maine Coon Cat - Just Chillin’
 The best way to find a cat show near you is to go to the Cat Fanciers Association website and type in your ZIP Code. If you like cats, even a little bit, you're sure to enjoy the show.

How Can You Resist?

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