Sunday, June 21, 2015

Please Touch! Animal Sculptures At The San Francisco Zoo

Hammerhead Shark
One thing I love about the San Francisco zoo is how they constantly strive for improvement. Recently they added an animal Sculpture Learning Plaza that they want visitors to touch and explore. It's lots of fun and offers great learning opportunities as well as photo ops.

Life-Size Crocodile!

Climb On!

A Seahorse - 20x Its Actual Size

The zoo's website also has educational materials and games you can download for your kids to increase their exploration of the sculpture learning plaza. Of course the best way to explore is to just have fun . .

This Is The Only Way You Can Touch A Rattlesnake And Her Eggs

Incredibly Realistic
Riding A Hammerhead Shark
 The plaza itself is not very big, but there are still nearly 100 sculptures and reliefs in it with more to come. When we were there, there was also a docent to answer any questions.

That's Not The Docent - Just A Happy Mom Watching Her Child

Signage And Tri-folds Of Information

 There's even some giant sized insects.

A Leafcutter Ant
A Black Scorpion - Shudder!
 After the Sculpture Plaza, we enjoyed seeing the rest of the zoo, and not just the animals. The zoo has many beautiful plants from "all over the world."

California Tree Poppies - Also Known As The "Fried Egg Poppy."
One way the zoo tries to keep the animals from getting bored is by giving them toys. This lioness was enjoying her ball while her mate looked on.

My Ball!
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and the zoo's website. And remember to bring a jacket; it's usually foggy in the morning. Bring good walking shoes too, it's a very large zoo.

Keep Your Eye(s) Peeled And Have Fun!

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