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Delighting In The Kalaloch Lodge in Washington's Olympic National Park

Note: this is the second in a series of blogs I am doing about our recent family vacation to Washington State. Last week's blog was about an afternoon in Seattle.

Sunset Reflecting In The Windows Of The Kalaloch Lodge

 No Wi-Fi! No TV! No radio, no phones, no stress, no distractions, just miles of beaches, tide pools to explore, beautiful sunsets to enjoy, a creek to swim in, family games to play, good food to eat, and so much more. Our family had a fantastic time at the Kalaloch Lodge in Washington's Olympic National Park. I highly recommend it for individuals, couples and families.

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The Kalaloch Creek And Beach At Sunset
We stayed four nights in a cabin on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Though the cabin had an exterior of weathered wood, inside you could see it was actually a log cabin, and was surprisingly charming. Our cabin had a main room connecting through an open doorway to a small bedroom. The small bedroom had a queen-sized bed and a bathroom; the main room had a queen sized futon (pull out bed), a queen bed, a kitchenette, and a wood burning stove. The cabin was decorated with beautiful photos of the local beaches. And even though we were in the second row of cabins facing the ocean, we still had an ocean view.

A Picnic Table For Every Cabin - What A Good Idea!
Photo Courtesy Of The Kalaloch Lodge Website
Photo Courtesy Of The Kalaloch Lodge Website
The main lodge of Kalaloch overlooks the Kalaloch creek. It is a gentle creek that meanders down to the ocean. Kids love swimming in it because it is shallow and fun to explore.

Compared To The Ocean, This Water Is Warm!
Kids Playing In The Creek
The beach had easy access - a stairway located a hundred yards or so from our cabin.

The Stairway Is Located Next To The Gazebo.
The Beach Stretches For Miles, Great For Walking, Running, And Exploring.
There Is Plenty Of Driftwood - Great For Making Forts
 There is also a nature trail that begins at the Kalaloch campground. It is a one mile, easy loop trail through beautiful trees and ferns. We had a lot of fun exploring it our first day there.

The Trail Is Flat But Not Wheelchair Accessible

Interesting Fungus. Can Anyone Tell Me What Kind It Is?

One night we each took turns writing down some of our favorite memories from Kalaloch Lodge. For my husband, it was running on the different beaches; for me, it was lying in bed, feeling the breeze and hearing the ocean through my open window; for my son it was the "absolutely amazing" restaurant with the view from our table of the setting sun; and for my daughter it was "the big comfy beds," playing tetherball, and swimming in the creek.

Tile Mosaics Inside The Kalaloch Creekside Restaurant
 If you go: Accommodations aren't cheap but I believe you get good value, especially for the cabins, where you can save money by taking advantage of the kitchenette.

There is only ONE restaurant at the lodge, the others are 30 miles away. Besides the expensive (and delicious) items, like salmon, the menu offers reasonably priced burgers, large salads, soups etc. Everything is very good, the staff is friendly and efficient, and the views are wonderful.

Although the beaches are great for families, do not swim in the ocean. It is very cold and the tides are treacherous. During high tides and storms, they say to watch out for the huge beach logs that can be tossed up on the sand. In fact they have signs and T-shirts that say, "Beach Logs Kill," and they mean it. We were there in August and had no problems with the logs.

You also need to be aware of the tides - don't walk far out when the tide is low if he high tide is starting to come in. The tides come in fast and you don't want to be caught. The staff is very good about giving every guest a tide chart when they first check-in that also gives you the time of sunrise and sunset (good to know for photography).

Take advantage of the ranger station located within walking distance to the lodge (ask the staff for directions). I went over there a couple of times to ask questions about wildlife and find out which beaches were good for tide-pooling. They were very helpful.

Maps and Directions

For more information, check out the Kalaloch website and stay tuned for my upcoming blogs about some of the nearby beaches.

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