Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Port Gamble, Washington - A Sleeper Hit!

Note: this is the last in a series on our family vacation in Washington State

Port Gamble on the Kitsap Peninsula is a charming little town full of hidden surprises. For instance, upstairs in their general store there is a fantastic Sea And Shore Life Museum that is free (although they welcome small donations). The General store sells unique gifts and delicious ice cream desserts and also has a café in the back.

They have a playhouse as well - the Port Gamble Theater. According to my mom, they put on a very good show.

The Port Gamble Theater

For this last visit, we enjoyed viewing the old homes -

exploring a couple of shops -

looking at this old anchor near the history museum (we didn't go in) -

 checking out this cool Elm Tree -

 munching on fresh blackberries -

 and checking out the Dahlia Garden.

When we visited once before, we ate at Mike's Four Star BBQ. The food was great and everyone was very friendly. At that time, we were visiting a summer faire. There is always something fun going on in Port Gamble; check out their listing of events.

For more information, check out wikipedia. Have fun!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Exploring Beach 4 (yes, that's its real name) On The Washington Coast

Note: this is the fourth in a series of blogs I have been doing about our vacation in Washington state.

Beach 4 - Lots Of Sand And Tide Pools

Just a couple miles north of the Kalaloch Lodge is Beach 4. Despite its unoriginal name, It is a beautiful beach that is great for walking, running and tide pooling. Even the steps that lead down to the beach are lovely.

The Steps Lead Down Through Ferns And Trees
Wildflowers Growing Among The Rocks
Perched On The Railing Above The Beach

While my husband ran, we explored the tide pools.

Of Course You Need To Go During Low Tide To Explore The Tide Pools
I Recommend Some Sort Of Water Shoes For Exploring The Tide Pools

Giant Green Sea Anemones And An Ochre Sea Star
I Was Lucky Enough To Spot A Nudibranch!
Photo Op On The Driftwood!
What’s He Thinking About? The Mysteries Of The Universe? Food? Sleep?

If you'd like to know more about the Kalaloch Lodge and its surrounding beaches, please visit my other blog posts.  Hope you enjoyed your virtual visit! Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Exploring Ruby Beach On The Washington Coast

 Note: this is the third in a series of blogs I have been doing about our vacation in Washington state

A Sunrise Run On Ruby Beach
 One of the things we enjoyed most during our stay at the Kalaloch Lodge was exploring the nearby beaches. One very early morning, my husband and I dragged our teens out of bed to visit Ruby Beach, 8 miles north of the lodge. When they got to the beach, they both decided it was well worth it. The tide was low, the sea stacks were exposed, there were tidepools to explore, pristine sand for running, and hardly any people (Ruby beach can get crowded during summer afternoons).

Here are the photos to prove it:



If you go: This is definitely not a swimming beach because of dangerous tides and the cold. Also, I recommend swim shoes for exploring the tide pools; they'll protect your feet from sharp rocks and keep them warm too!

For more information about Ruby Beach, including directions, click on the Kalaloch website.
If you'd like more information about the Kalaloch Lodge, you can read my last blog entry.

Next week - some photos of "Beach 4!"