Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Hike In Huddart Park And Breakfast At Bucks - Woodside, California

My husband and I hiked through redwood trees, ferns and falls on an easy trail in Huddert Park in Woodside, California. Though we were in the heart of Silicon Valley, we felt far removed from the traffic and noise. Woodside will do that to you; people here pay a lot of money to live in a town that looks a lot like a country village. But the good news is, except for a six dollar parking fee, the hiking is free.

Within the 974 acres, there are several parking lots, picnic areas, restrooms and playgrounds. There are hiking and equestrian trails, and group campgrounds available for reservation.

We drove in from the Woodside Road exit, drove through the main entrance and parked near the Madrone picnic area and Peninsula AIDS Memorial Grove. Then we walked the Dean Trail to the Crystal Springs Trail, toward the Toyon Group camp and Toyon road, back to the Crystal Trail and our parking spot - a little over four miles.

We could hear the Crystal Springs bubbling and it wasn't long till we came up next to it. It seemed strange that the water was running so freely (hey, someone left the tap on!), after experiencing our California drought, but of course we loved it.

We were hungry after our hike so we drove back into the town of Woodside and stopped at Buck's restaurant. Buck’s is located near Sandhill Road, the venture capital Capitol of Silicon Valley. Buck’s is well known as a restaurant where many tech deals are born. In the past, celebrities such as Robin Williams and Sting have visited as well.

It's not much to look at on the outside . .

But inside, every square inch is decorated with some crazy or wonderful kind of thing. Many of the things were personal items belonging to the restaurant’s owners, Jamis and Margaret MacNiven. Other items came from auctions or gifts from friends and strangers.

You could come back again and again to Buck's and discover new things every time. The back of the kids menu has a treasure hunt where kids can try to find items like a plastic dog named Glenn or a surfing alligator or a sword stuck through the door. One of my favorites is the flying astronaut.

The prices are in line with most Silicon Valley restaurants; that is, not cheap but not too expensive either. Service is good and the food is delicious. And there is great reading material on the front and back of the menu.

If you go: here's a link for directions to Huddart Park
                and here's one for directions and opening hours for Buck's Restaurant in Woodside.

Hiking Reminders: bring water, dress in layers and wear shoes with good treads.
Huddart Park Website

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